The FIA has announced the supplier of hybrid systems for the 2022 season at WRC


The FIA ​​today announced the company supplier of hybrid systems on special online voting.

As you know, last year, the FIA ​​revealed their intention to host the World Rally Championship with hybrid systems for the period 2022-2024 for the next generation of WRC cars, named Rally 1.

The company that has won the trust of the FIA ​​as the exclusive supplier of all teams in WRC is the German company Compact Dynamics. The company is part of the Schaeffler Group, a group that has a well-established technical partnership with Audi. In her portfolio are the MGU system of the Mercedes team in Formula 1 and the Audi program in Formula E.

In previous statements, Yves Maton (director of rally discipline at the FIA) said that the hybrid system would only be used in the liason between stages and would only be mandatory for factory teams. He also hinted at the possibility that the new system could also be used in special stages, but with the preliminary selection of the stages by the organizers in order not to increase the average speed.

In addition, a decision at the FIA's special online meeting also discussed maintaining current requirements for the car engine, and a number of changes will be made to reduce development and maintenance costs.

However, new requirements are expected to be published officially, which will most likely be delayed due to consultations with current teams. The FIA ​​is very keen to focus on creating a controlled environment on the subject of reducing engine costs and the hybrid system, that's why the disscusions with the teams are crucial.

As you know, one of the ideas the FIA ​​alternates have in the event of a team disagreement on switching to hybrid systems is that future WRC cars will be an idea closer to today's R5 car. An idea that a lot of drivers didn't like, with Thierry Neuville calling these plans "sh*t" and something like "R5-plus" would definitely not interest him.