Bulgarian Virtual Rally Championship is on

On the official Facebook page of the Bulgarian Rally Championship media there was revealed information about the start of the first national virtual rally championship in the game Dirt Rally 2.0.

As you know, Dirt Rally 2.0 is the latest scream in rally simulators, being the best fun for anyone missing a rally due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

It is for this reason that the team of the Bulgarian Rally Championship has created the championship so that Bulgarian fans and drivers can have fun at home. From to the actual real drivers with possible participation in the virtual rally championship are names such as Danni Popov, Tihomir Stratiev, Kalin Benchev and Martin Koev. Of course, it is not excluded that other names are interested in as well, so we urge professionals to get involved and give fans a chance to stand up to them.

How to get involved? Absolutely anyone can participate, as you will need to own a licensed version of the game Dirt Rally 2.0 regardless of the device on which you play it, and the organizers have provided the opportunity to participate and players who have the original version of the game in which there are no tracks , such as the Monte-Carlo Rally.

In order to be a part of the championship you will also need to register with the Codemasters Accounts system and log into a database of events called Dirt Rally 2.0 Clubs, which will keep track of times, rankings and upcoming rounds of the championship calendar.

The championship is divided into two divisions. BVRC2020 and BVRC2WD. In the first division will participate with cars from R5 homologation of FIA on the routes included in the last update of the game and in the second will take part with cars from R2 homologation on routes available for free in the main version of the game.

Full details of the championship, how to participate and its calendar can be found here. We will keep an eye on what is happening in it and will publish material after each round. We also have to do something about this lack of rally…