AFB cancel Rally Sliven for the second time in six days, Rally Bulgaria is also canceled

On the official website of AFB (Automobile Federation of Bulgaria) there was a official message that the rally "Sliven" and rally "Bulgaria" are canceled due to the situation and the state of emergency in the country.

This decision was made by the Board of the Automobile Federation of Bulgaria, but due to the lack of a published protocol see the publicationsomething that should be normal practice, one suspects the truth of the decision and we would even develop the theory that it is was taken solely.

Unfortunately, we cannot prove our suspicions and theories, but we definitely cannot miss the fact that the Sliven rally was canceled for the second time in a week.

The first cancellation caused by the scandal with ASK "Scorpion", which has been shaking the sports community in Bulgaria for some time. While the second cancellation dates from today, due to a pandemic with COVID-19.

We may also add that the announcement posted on the AFB website does not make it clear whether the races have been canceled or postponed. As the second paragraph of the published text reads as follows:

From our observations, it is the practice of national federations around the world to shift and secure the dates of their most important races even at the end of the calendar year. A logical decision initiated by the desire of national federations to preserve sport in the extremely difficult situation with COVID-19.

That is why we, on our part, will inform you in due time about all the news about the fate of our favorite sport in our country and in the world, hoping for a secret rally "Bulgaria" to be held during the 2020 season.